This is How I SingStrong

Satellite Lane was honored to share the SingStrong stage with some old friends and incredible groups on Friday, February 5th. The Aca-IDOL competion, held in our own backyard at Adelphi U, was a showcase for some of NY's best talent. In our dressing room before the show, Satellite Lane summed up the goals of the performance in big block letters on the chalk board (I know, such teachers!). They were: LISTEN-LEARN-MAXIMUM FUN. As always, Satellite Lane goes out to put on a good show, have a good time, and let the audience enjoy in our fun. After the performance, SL recieved some high praise from the judges: "You guys make everyone in this audience want to go out and sing a cappella." "You guys brilliantly skewed the pop song while brilliantly executing the pop song" said aca judge Dylan Bell. Two killer compliments this group of teachers are proud to accept.

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