Fundraiser for Michelle Lindsley

In real life, there are few people who can don a red cape and swoop in to save the day repeatedly over and over again. Real life superheroes just do not exist. Or do they? For the seven of us, our teachers were our superheroes. That's why we wanted to become teachers ourselves, because of the larger than life titans who swooped in and saved our lives when we were younger.

Michelle Lindsley was that person for me. Michelle was my student teacher when I was only in third grade and then became my private teacher when I was in sixth grade. When went to my first lesson with Michelle, she tried to scare me off (not usually teaching students as young as 10) by telling me how much work I would have to do each week. Little did she know, she was exciting me to practice even harder! Michelle watched me grow: both physically and vocally. She taught me for over 12 years and in that time I have come to think of her as my second mother. Even now, grown and 32, I still call her up to "fix" everything that is going wrong!

Early year, Michelle was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a form of cancer that attacks the blood cells and immune system. After fighting here in NY for a year, Michelle took her treatment to Arizona where she still continues to fight hard. If anyone can beat this cancer, it is stubborn Michelle Lindsley!

Thank you, peronally, to Satellite Lane who came out tonight to sing for Michelle and help raise money for her fight against cancer. Held at Farmingdale High School, the school Michelle taught at, Satellite Lane kicked off the show with "What I Like About You." What I like about Michelle? I don't think there is a blog post long enough to list all the reasons. Keep fighting, Michelle, I love you!

*** In June of 2015, Michelle lost her battle with Multiple Myeloma. She is forever remembered and loved.

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