Aca-bob-omb BOSS

Satellite Lane was super stoked to snag an aca-bomb slot for this year's Boston Sings Festival. We had a blast (no pun intended) and hope we left a great impression on the Boston A Cappella community. We spent the remainder of the weekend attending other fantastic performances (including a show by our friends The Rainbows and the inimitable Rockappella), as well as classes and workshops. One of these was led by our very own Marc Silverberg, who ran "CASA Workshop Leader Training" for those hoping to follow in his impressive footsteps.

We gave boston a little taste of New York humor with our originals "Acapella Girl" and "Geeky Girl." The feedback was much kinder than a Boston fan at a Yankee's game.

"And the award for the most awesomely silly choreography in an acabomb goes to... Satellite Lane" - The Bottom A Cappella

"Woah. If you don't know about Satellite Lane, you should. Like, now." - WHS Concert Choir

"Our AcaLeague buds Satellite Lane are killin' it at their acabomb."- Fermata Town

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