Better Known as Doc A Cappella

Learn All About Singing A Cappella

Scroll down to learn Marc's tricks-of-the-trade in his blog: the “Quest for the A cappella Major.”

Marc Silverberg is an adjunct professor at Five Towns College and the Director of Education for CASA.org. He is also persuing the first ever Doctorate in A Cappella Education from Five Towns College, hence the name "Doc A Cappella."  He has presented workshops on vocal improvisation at several CASA.org sponsored festivals, as well as the American Choral Directors Association’s 2013 national convention.  In addition to being an award winning arranger, composer, and performer, his original work, He’s Not Himself, premiered Off-Broadway in 2012 as part of the New York Music Theatre Festival. He is a graduate of the University of Delaware and Westminster Choir College.

"When you teach, you have to give away all your secrets. You can't hold back because you don't want someone to know your tricks. Learning isn't a competition. Just because I'm good doesn't mean that you can't be good too. Teaching is helping everyone become successful."  - Marc   

A    C A P P E L L A