Who is Satellite Lane?

Founded in 2012, Satellite Lane is often described using two words:  "geek" and "teacher."  Let's "chalk talk" about this for a second:


"Geek"- As self-proclaimed geeks, nerds, and dorks, Satellite Lane is proud to embrace this title.  We take our music to the nerdiest level: giving you contemporary pop covers with a twist that makes you think: genius!  Our performances are pure fun: combining everything from comedy to choreography to costume changes: Satellite lane always puts on an energetic show! 


"Teacher"- As seven Long Island music teachers, we take our profession quite seriously.  As advocates for music education, Satellite Lane has one mission:  promote a cappella music and have a blast doing so.

Christine Benedetti


Our resident aca-ninja, Christine is the mastermind behind our award-winning choreography. When not busting out unbelievable high notes, Christine enjoys watching Teen Mom 2 and playing with her ferret, Cassi.

Andrew Duca


Like Madonna or Jesus, Duca is known by only one name. The youngest member of our group, Duca keeps us informed of what those darn kids are into these days.


Andrew Fallu


Legend has it, Andy's majestic beard gives him the ability to sing those low notes. Too bad no one is ever paying attention. 


Evan Feist

(Vocal Percussion)

As a  member of Satellite Lane, Evan brings a certain "je ne sais quoi" to the group. And a lot of sass. Don't worry, we'll beat it out of him soon enough.


Rachel Karmel


The newest member to Satellite Lane, Rachel blends her jazz backround and pop stylings to create one powerhouse solist.  When she isn't working at Starbucks, or drinking Starbucks, or driving past a Starbucks,  she spends her days diligently dreaming of her next caffine fix.  



Melanie Malusa


One day, Melanie was looking for piano lessons on Craigslist and found an a cappella group auditioning for an alto. In what some call "an act of sheer insanity", Melanie auditioned. She knows it is only a matter of time before they rob her and leave her in the middle of nowhere.


Marc Silverberg

(Tenor/ Music Director)

Fearless leader. Boss. Big Cheese. These are just some of the things we call Marc to his face. In addition to putting up with us, Marc is the Director of Education for CASA. Marc also won the award for Best Arrangement at the 2013 NY Harmony Sweepstakes for "Alive".



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